Pursuing Beyond Profit

SuperLife World is a Malaysian based startup which is creating a positive impact in the consumer products industry through its innovative route-to-market. With a strong focus on impoverished nations such as Africa, the company enables the average customer to profit while consuming its products. As a recognition of its noble effort, SuperLife was awarded the ASEAN Outstanding Business Award in 2017

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Profit Distribution Model

The core principle of the company, which is creating a profound impact in the market, is to improve the livelihood of its customers by distributing some of its profits along the supply chain. In a normal consumer products supply chain, the consumer would get the utility of consuming the products and the retailer would get the financial benefits. We thought why not the profits be shared with customers who refer our products to others. Hence, SuperLife, through its referral system, distributes some of its profits to its referral partners (affiliates).

As at July 2018, we have close to 42,000 active affiliates with over 70% of them based in Africa. They purchase our products as well as refer them to others while earning the referral commissions. We conduct workshops to train these entrepreneurs to be leaders and mentors who can guide others to start their businesses. We also work very closely with the local governments in various African countries to equip the youth with business skills. For example, we have over 9,900 affiliates in Uganda with the average age of 27 years.

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SuperLife Charity Foundation

Since launching, SuperLife has been focusing heavily on the African region. Due to large gaps in the living standards in Africa, many countries in the continent are battling both undernourishment and obesity. SuperLife, through our various seminars and health awareness programmes, have been educating the communities in Africa on the importance of healthy eating habits. Recently, one of our programmes conducted in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania attracted close to 1,000 people and was officiated by the officials from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare Tanzania. We have received many testimonials from our customers that they have benefitted from consuming our superfood products such as SuperLife Total Care (STC) and SuperLife Colon Care (SCC) and started practising good eating habits.

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Career with SuperLife?

Your intention as a distributor is to expand your network while selling SuperLife products. Through building an active network of distributors who actively sells SuperLife products, you are able to maximize the Great Bonuses that SuperLifeā€™s compensation plan offers. All positions in SuperLife are not for sale and membership is strictly limited to one per any individual. The way to achieve a higher position is by working your way up the ranks. There is no direct correlation between the number of recruits that you have and the compensation that you will receive. You are paid commission when your team of distributors sell SuperLife products. You will continue to earn retail profit and commissions through the sale of SuperLife products to customers. Even without any newly recruited member, commissions continue for as long as the buying and selling of SuperLifeproducts are ongoing.


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